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Technical SEO audit Dubai

SEO Audit
SEO Audit

We analyze your web page, detect existing errors and give you advice to improve search engine positioning.

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed with so many elements of SEO web positioning that influence your ranking, there are so many factors that Google takes into account that you do not know how to have them all controlled.

We will analyze your website or online store in detail, looking for changes that directly improve search engine rankings. Both in the On Page section and in the links (Part Off Page). An in-depth analysis that will allow us to optimize it to the maximum.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit consists of analyzing all aspects of a web page to detect those changes that improve the positioning in Google. These changes can be On Page, internal, such as: content optimization, structure, goals, duplications, etc., or Off Page, external to the site, such as link building analysis, review of directories, etc.

The SEO audit of our agency presents you with all the details you need to know and in a well understandable way. In our report we explain the actions and techniques to implement and what you will achieve in the short and long term. Come and join us, we want to be your best allies in the analysis of the positioning of your business.

We create the map to solve your SEO problems

The SEO audit is necessary to reach the top of Google, a website that is not optimized for Google is directly condemned to lower positions, since there will be more websites that do take these aspects into account. An important point is that we not only tell you the errors that your web project has, but we will indicate the difficulty to solve it, if you can do it yourself and if you can, how to do it. We are aware that without fully implementing the changes we propose you will not be able to do anything.


In order to fully analyze the website, our audits consist of 5 parts:

STEP 1: Study of the current situation

First of all, we will check the positioning status of the web and the degree of optimization that it currently has. Thanks to this we can achieve:

  • What are the highest priority actions?
  • Depth of changes to be made
  • Have an initial improvement recommendation plan

STEP 2: On Page SEO Audit

Here we will analyze how optimized the page is internally, as well as see the needs we have and the prioritization of the actions to be carried out, so that Google sees on our website all the factors that it takes into account when positioning our website. Thanks to this we will get:

  • See the status of our loading speed and web optimization (WPO)
  • Analyze and improve the indexing of our site
  • Have optimized meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Detect bugs and security vulnerabilities
  • Have an optimized web structure
  • Have a review of how we have our website facing Google and what changes we should implement
  • Make sure we have Google Analytics and Google Search Console properly configured and implemented.
  • Have a correct robots.txt file and web sitemap

STEP 3: Off Page SEO Audit

The link building strategy is essential to succeed in Google, due to its importance, we will analyze the link profile of the page and compare it with the sector, since depending on which market niche the web competes in, it will have a series of needs or others. . Analyzing this data we will obtain:

  • See our link profile and that of our competitors
  • Have the recommendations to get an optimized backlink profile
  • Clean our profile of SPAM links
  • Have a correct anchoring

STEP 4: Full Link Profile Analysis

For the vast majority of sectors, a brief analysis of your competition’s link profile will be more than enough, however if your competition is strong and they make a clear commitment to SEO, you will need this analysis to compare their link profile with the yours.

Here we will analyze the links of the websites of your 3 main competitors, as well as their origin, the type of link, and whether or not it transmits link juice and therefore authority. This way we can know exactly what strategy they are following and develop a more elaborate link building strategy.

STEP 5: Log analysis

For most websites, an exact optimization of Google crawling for your website will not be a substantial improvement, however if your website is medium or large and has many categorizations and zones, it will be very convenient to analyze the server logs to see exactly what URLs is visiting Google bot and develop actions later to direct this crawl where we are interested.

Here what we analyze is the difference between linked and tracked URLs, and we define 3 types of URLs:

  • Linked and untracked URLs
  • Unlinked and crawled URLs
  • Linked and crawled URLs

We will also analyze in which areas the Google bot is spending more tracking budget (For example, if it is tracking more E-commerce, blog, or other types of pages). Essential in E-commerce with more than 5,000 products and large websites.

Note: It is necessary to have web logs of at least 3 months for a correct analysis of the site, with a recommendation of 6 months. To know the duration of the logs of your website you must contact your hosting provider.