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Having a website is simple, but managing to attract people, connect with them and attract customers through your page is a much more complex task. This is precisely what I can do for you.

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I am Sameh Gamal and I work as an technical SEO Consultant and Web Developer. Through the design of online marketing strategies, such as SEO positioning and content marketing, As a professional SEO expert in Dubai I will help you position your website in the first positions of search engines with the best SEO techniques, which will make you visible in the top 3 of Google so that you get more clients online.

On-Page SEO

Configure the on-page SEO of your site and make it suitable with Google search spiders

Off-Page SEO

Make a backlink for your site and buy the best guest post for the site’s niche with white hat SEO

SEO Audit

Analysis of the popularity, structure & content of your web pages to check all issues in your site

Technical SEO

Implementation of the recommendations of the natural referencing audit, fix all technical issues


I am independent SEO consultant in Dubai

I am not an SEO agency, I am a freelance technical SEO consultant in Dubai, so I will work on your website as someone very close to your business. For me, total trust with my clients is the key to success. I invite you to share with me your ideas to shape it together.

In addition to being technical SEO consultant, I work designing online marketing plans, so I do SEO with strategy and help you define and achieve your goals on the Internet.

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SEO independent

I has specialized in SEO for more than 9 years. I have, over these years, formed an experienced team with all the necessary qualifications to master the proper development of an SEO project. Web designer, web developer, copywriter, digital marketing expert, work together to give you maximum visibility on the internet.

SEO Strategy

In addition to being an SEO consultant, I work designing online marketing plans, so I do SEO with strategy and help you define and achieve your goals on the Internet.


Specialization is key to improvement. That is why I have specialized in web developing in wordpress and of course SEO call me if you need SEO


As a good journalist, I enjoy writing and improving texts that make people and Google fall in love. If SEO had a brother, it would be content marketing.

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SEO expert in Dubai

SEO consultant in Dubai with extensive experience, who offers highly personalized and strategic SEO advice through her consultancy , as well as training and continuous support to companies that require a scalable approach in competitive industries or complex environments to achieve growth in visibility. , traffic and ROI thanks to organic search.

What is an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant is a professional who has extensive experience in web positioning, and who is responsible for understanding the business needs of each client. Detect any point of optimization in search engine strategies, such as copywriting, and offer advice on the implementation of changes to generate more conversions. That is why an SEO consultant is the best option if you want to appear higher in Google and other search engines.

What does an SEO consultant do?

The functions of an SEO consultant are very diverse, and they must have solid knowledge of the functionality of search algorithms. In addition, you must be in charge of locating potential programming errors and knowing how to repair them. In this way, you will be able to carry out a complete audit of a website and determine which are its points of improvement. Ensure that the optimal keywords are obtained to rank the client’s website, and use natural language persuasion so that users click and consume the content that they want to rank.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO is based on increasing visibility in searches naturally through search engine positioning, SEM is based on paid campaigns on Google through advertising or ads on the results pages.

What is the SEO Analysis of a website?

An SEO analysis of a web page is the beginning of any organic search strategy. By analyzing each of the elements that affect the positioning of your website, with the necessary tools, you can identify which are the points to improve and thus be able to establish a set of specific optimizations that provide results.

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Freelance SEO consultant in Dubai

Gaining an audience with natural referencing in Google is first of all being on the first page of Google. If your site is on the second page and beyond, know that very few people go to the second page.

It is therefore important to contact an expert SEO Dubai consultant in your region so that he can accompany you in the configuration of your website so that it is referenced on the first page of Google.

You may think it’s easy and you can do it yourself, sure, but how long do you think you’ll get there if you only know a few rules you’ve learned here and there.

How to become an SEO Consultant freelancer in Dubai?

It is necessary to train in SEO to become an SEO Consultant in Dubai. Even if experience and practice count more than training – the latter is necessary to have an exhaustive view before starting the practice.
Become SEO consultant by working in an agency or with the advertiser

This remains one of the best ways to become an expert. You can apply for an SEO consultant offer in Dubai, in an agency or directly with the advertiser. Working in an SEO agency allows you to obtain maximum skills but also knowledge of different sectors.

What is the average salary of an SEO consultant in Dubai?

An SEO consultant in Dubai earns an average of 38K gross annually. This salary differs of course for the Sharjah SEO consultant, Ajman SEO consultant and Dubai Al Ain SEO consultant.
Freelance SEO Dubai: expertise combined with independence.

It is not easy to start as an SEO freelancer in Dubai. Especially when you have no experience. This is why it is recommended to wait a few years before embarking on this independent status.

Freelance SEO Dubai: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Freedom remains the biggest advantage of freelance SEO status. However, we must be realistic, becoming a freelance seo Dubai will require real involvement. You have to build a network but also learn to prospect, negotiate and manage a customer relationship. Expertise alone will not suffice.

Recognize a good SEO Dubai consultant

To recognize the quality of an SEO Dubai consultant you must listen to him and see if his logic is based on a particular technique or if he tells you that it is simple logic and that you have to follow Google’s recommendations. Because that is the only logic to follow.

Your SEO consultant is not a magician but he just follows the rules of Google, these bring together all the rules of reading the Google classification algorithm. Knowing these rules well makes him an expert and if he is part of your industry thanks to his quality of project manager, then he is considered an SEO Dubai consultant.

Why your site is not on the first page?

It is clear that if you are not on the first page it is because the relevance of your content is not prioritized so that the algorithm can understand the content of your site as accurately as possible. nevertheless Google has specific reading codes in order to organize its conception of understanding of all site content

The performance of the Dubai SEO consultant is data analysis

When you hire me as i am an SEO consultant in Dubai , I will start immediately by determining the type of audience and your ability to create content corresponding to the keywords you want to appear on the first page of Google.

At the same time, the SEO Dubai expert consultant will estimate the time he will need to optimize the code of your cms. By joining the content tree in accordance with Google, the consultant will have established the foundations of the SEO of your site. The monitoring of your performance will be monitored by the SEO consultant every 7 days before the Google robot comes by to see if a change has been made.

Best SEO expert in Dubai

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As soon as you create or want to create your website, you hear about “SEO”. If this notion seems to you, SEO is an essential element for the success of your presence on the internet and therefore for that of your company.


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SEO consultant Dubai

For a few years, all companies, whatever their size, have been aware of the importance of an online presence. But above all, there is an increased awareness of the importance of SEO (search engine optimization). Indeed, being well referenced on the various search engines is an effective way to increase the visibility of the company and at the same time improve its turnover.

Indeed, this will not only allow the natural referencing consultant to improve the positioning of your website, but also to place you among the first results of search engines. At the end of this audit, your I will be able to highlight the areas for improvement and the strengths of your website. By implementing a good SEO strategy, it will be able to save you from having to redesign your site.